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DSV closed from 16 March

Dear parents and/ or care takers,

The rapid dissemination of the Covid-19 virus has forced us to decide to close the school tomorrow for an unknown period and to transform our education into ‘distance learning’. The board and the directors have formed the following plan.

Phase 1 no education: on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 March

No education will be given. On Tuesday parents can come to school to pick up schoolbooks, workbooks and other items that are needed. We will inform you further on this subject. All (day)care services by the Uilenest are cancelled as of Monday as well.

Phase 2 transition period: Wednesday March 18 through Friday March 20

In this phase teachers are preparing to provide distance education and will hand out their first assignments. This is educational concept is completely new to them. We ask your consideration for the fact that this a learning experience for them as well. We will start with a per class roll-out. Parents will be given time to prepare for distance education. You will receive an e-mail with more information on Tuesday.

Phase 3: distance education starting Monday March 23

We aim to have the distance education programme fully operational by Monday March 23. We are very grateful that the team is willing to start this adventure with us. We expect a steep learning curve for everyone. And we expect to run into all types of issues ranging from technology to teaching challenges.

Emergency care

We realise that the transition to distance education is a major change for many families and that in some cases this has an impact on society. If you are not able to provide care for your children at home, the school will provide emergency care. The capacity is limited. We will give priority to parent in primary processes of society such as health care. There is a public list we will use to prioritise the need https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/coronavirus-covid-19/cruciale-beroepsgroepen

'Only if both parents have crucial jobs their children can be sent to emergency care. It is the intention for people to look after their children at home now schools and day care have closed, according to the Dutch ministry of VWS'

To apply for emergency care please fill in the following form: URL:


Further Information

It was a difficult decision to close the school, however these exceptional times require exceptional measures. We have based our decision on the principals that we want to offer excellent education and to try to keep everyone as health as possible.

We based our decision on the risks of 4 groups:

1. The children:

  • The health and the right to education for children is our primary concern. We see an increase of absences. Friday there were more than 60 so that it is becoming impossible to offer a regular school program. We also have an increase in the number of teacher absences.

2. The team:

  • We are also the employer of a team of very involved teachers and support staff that would love to offer education and after school care. However some staff members fall in the risk categories. We are also responsible for their health and want to limit their risks as well.

  • We are investing in a planned transition to distance education. We kindly request your consideration that it requires a great amount of effort and flexibility from the team. This form of education is entirely new to them as well.

3 Parents and care takers:

  • We also want to take into account the situation of parents. We understand that not every parent is in the opportunity to stay home due to work commitments and because children may normally be with people from a risk group.

4. Increasing numbers of health care professionals are urging for more far stretching measures such as closing schools, to limit the spread of the virus. From a societal perspective we realize that our school has a different risk profile than the average in society since our population travels frequently. We see other international schools make a similar risk analysis and decide to transform their education accordingly.


We have a dedicated website where all information and frequently asked questions are placed and updated https://covid19-dsv-delft.info We ask for your understanding that we need to free up as much time as possible for the school directors (Principals) and the staff members. We have a central e-mail address covid19@dsv-delft.nl where you can ask questions. You will not receive a personal reaction. This to free up as much capacity as possible for the transition.

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