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1. Can you recommend any meaningful activities for the next days?

We recommend you make a day planning with different learning activities, whereby screen time and other means of learning are in balance.

Reading for free

Additionally, the DSV has various online learning tools available. We are currently preparing that all tools become accessible for the children from home:

  • Ambrasoft-Junior Einstein (only used from class 5 until 8)

  • Squla(account is paid by the DSV and can be used for free during schooltime)

Educative videos

2. Will the toddler care for the 'peuters' still proceed?

No, the toddler care will also be closed until further notice.

3.How do I register for emergency day care?


4. What does the emergency day care entail?

The school has a legal and social obligation to provide childcare. Childcare from 8.45 am -3 pm is for parents who cannot provide their own childcare. The capacity is limited. We ask everyone's solidarity to use it only if there is no other option. If the situation changes in the coming week, we will inform the parents who use childcare. We continuously weigh the risks for children, team members and parents based on the available information.

See also: https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/coronavirus-covid-19/cruciale-beroepsgroepen

5. I normally use pre-school care (VSO), extracurricular care (BSO), will these continue to be provided?

No, we will follow the DSV policy.They will also be closed until further notice.

6. Why is the school not going to provide full remote education from Wednesday 17 March?

The teachers have been teaching last week and have had no time to prepare for remote education. The teachers will be trained to give remote lessons on Monday and Tuesday. From Wednesday they will teach remotely. The teachers should be given time to properly prepare classes and learn how to conveniently organise remote learning.We kindly ask for your patience and understanding.

7. How can I get the teaching materials my child needs?

A timetable has been set up, in order for students/ parents to pick up books, workbooks and exercise books at school. This will take place on Tuesday 17 March. More detailed communication about this will follow as soon as possible.

8. Why do the kids not just get some time off?

We think it is important to offer children the familiar structure as much as possible and we want to continue to offer high quality education in these extraordinary times. It is also our obligation as a publicly funded organisation to continue to provide education. .

9. What digital resources do I need to be able to follow education?

We are striving to provide a balanced mix of ‘physical’ and digital learning materials. Most online tools can also be used from a phone, tablet and desktop or laptop/computer and require an active internet connection. More detailed information will follow later.

10. For how long will remote education be provided?

At this moment, school closure is foreseen until April 6th, 2020. Should circumstances change, we will re-evaluate the length of time we will deliver the curriculum online.A potential extension of remote education can be considered.

11. Is remote education also applicable for Goups 1/ 2?

Education in Groups 1/ 2 is less academical and there are fewer individual tasks. We aim to provide digital learning tools. The teachers will provide suggestions for individual tasks as much as possible and will inform the parents in due time.

12. How does remote education work?

We should take into consideration that remote teaching is completely new to the DSV. The starting point is that we strive to fit in as much as possible with the current curriculum, preventing for physical meetings at school. This includes giving tasks, the use of existing books and digital learning resources. We are working hard to be able to provide instructions remotely.

13. Parent conversations are planned for next week, will they continue?

The planned parent interviews will be postponed by a week. They will likely be done over the phone. You will receive further notice about this. We believe it is important to fully focus on the transition to distance education at this time.

14. Will the camp for group 8 still take place?

Unfortunately not. The same considerations that apply to the closure of the school also apply to the school camp. We think it is very important to find an alternative so that the children can say properly goodbye to group 8. The parents and children of group 8 will receive a message about this.

15. Is it mandatory to participate in the remote education program?

We realise that moving in this direction will fit better with some families than others. However, the expectation is that all pupils will participate in remote education. Please ask for assistance from school, if you encounter difficulties in participating in the remote education programe.

16. Do I also have to report if my child is sick during the remote education period?

Yes, we would like to be kept informed about the well-being of the pupils, so that the teacher can take this into account. The report can be made through the usual channels. In this context, if a pupil is ill he/she cannot participate in remote education die to health reasons.

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